Reclaim Your Voice

(formerly Abuse: Survival Stories)

Reclaim Your Voice is a nonprofit event series which provides a platform for men and women who have experienced domestic violence, psychological and sexual abuse, to reclaim their voices. Combining raw testimonials from survivors with inspirational spoken word pieces and motivational speeches, Reclaim Your Voice is a positive and healing experience that uplifts both the mind and the soul.

Each Reclaim Your Voice event helps to create awareness of the injustices of abuse by offering an intimate look at abuse through the eyes of survivors. Not only do attendees have the opportunity to listen to survivors speak in detail about their experiences, but during the sharing circle attendees can express themselves creatively through a tailored group exercise. Each event gives three survivors the chance to take a huge step on the healing path by offering them a platform to speak candidly about their experiences while receiving the support of a welcoming and attentive audience.

According to Statistics Canada, more than half of Canadian women have experienced at least once incident of sexual or physical violence and only 1 in 10 report it due to humiliation or fear of revictimization. Men are less likely to file a report, for the same reasons and other social stigmas. From these daunting numbers, it is apparent that abuse thrives on silence. By sharing your survival story, you can help save lives.

Reclaim Your Voice was created to not only support survivors as they own their stories, but to celebrate their courage, strength and resilience. Join us, not in the war against abuse, but in the name of peace and healing for all.

Attend. Listen. Heal. Prevent.


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Radio Show

Abuse: Survival Stories presents I Reclaim My Voice features survivors of domestic violence, psychological abuse and sexual abuse sharing their stories, as well as powerful spoken word performances and interviews with renowned advocates against abuse.

Hosted by Reesee Zigga Zagga and Denyce Watkis

Social Media

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Education and Empowerment.

We are pleased to offer workshops which help raise awareness about abuse and teach participants methods of self care.


Participants will learn about abuse statistics, how to identify the warning signs of abuse, and what makes healthy relationships. Workshop includes spoken word and/or musical performances on the topic of abuse, and a creative group exercise on empathy and compassion.
Participants will have the opporunity to listen to the raw testimonials of people who have survived different forms of gender based violence. Participants will learn about abuse statistics, how to identify the warning signs of abuse, and how to listen when someone opens up about a painful experience. Workshop includes spoken word and/or musical performances on the topic of abuse, and a creative group exercise on the importance of opening up and sharing painful memories.
Participants will be shown different methods to empower and nurture the parts of them that cannot be seen with the eyes. This is a workshop to revitalize the spirit.
Our perspective is our reality. This workshops aims to teach that we are in charge of our own lives, and that we can change the way we feel by redefining our painful experiences.
Art is the best way to process pain. In this workshop, participants will explore the therapeutic power of creative writing, and exercise their ability to express painful memories in an artistic way.


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SURVIVORS (men and women)

Reclaim Your Voice was created in order to shatter the cold silence that surrounds abuse. Sharing our stories is an important part of the healing process, and it has the added benefit of being able to help others who have been through similar experiences. Although we can't change what happened to us, we can determine the effect that our experiences have on our future. If you are ready to tell your story in the hopes of helping yourself and others, please contact us today.

SPEAKERS (motivational and industry experts)

We welcome speakers who want to utilize their expertise and knowledge in a way that helps us all grow. If you are interested in sharing your inspiring and uplifting ideas at one of our Reclaim Your Voice events, we'd love to hear from you.

ARTISTS (musical, visual or spoken word)

At each Reclaim Your Voice event, art is regarded as a powerful, therapeutic tool. If you have a piece that you would like to perform at one of our events, please drop us a line.


We encourage anyone with question or comments to contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

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